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2025 Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


Home Builders Association of Washington County
Show Dates: March 2nd & 3rd 2024
Facility: Hagerstown Community College ARCC

This Agreement is between the Exhibitor and the Home Builders Association of Washington County (“HBAWC”) regarding the Home Show to be presented at the Hagerstown Community College (“HCC”) ARCC facility on March 2nd and March 3rd, 2024. The Exhibitor shall rent from the HBAWC a booth assigned by the HBAWC of the same size as the booth preference stated above for display purposes at the Show; however the HBAWC in its sole discretion and at no additional cost to the Exhibitor, may substitute a different space of equal or larger size. The Exhibitor shall pay the HBAWC the booth price stated on this agreement. ONE-HALF MUST BE PAID UPON SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION, WITH THE BALANCE DUE NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 2nd, 2024. AFTER FEBRUARY 2nd, 2024, FULL PAYMENT IS DUE UPON EXECUTION OF THIS AGREEMENT. If the Exhibitor fails to make payment by the due date or does not display an exhibit in the appropriate space by the beginning of the Show, then the Exhibitor’s space and any rights to display shall be forfeited, with all amounts paid by the Exhibitor retained by the HBAWC. The Exhibitor shall comply with all of the rules and regulations of the Show that are stated in this agreement and with all rules and regulations of the HCC ARCC facility. If the Exhibitor does not comply with the provisions of this Contract or any other rules and regulations of the HBAWC or HCC ARCC facility, the HBAWC may pursue all rights and remedies available under the law.
1. Booth Specifications. The following supplies are provided to each Exhibitor: (1) 500 watt electrical outlet, 1 table 4′, 6′, or 8′ length, aluminum supports and aisle posts, an 8′ high back wall and 3′ side dividers from which flameproof drapes are suspended. HCC is equipped with Wi-Fi. (NOTE: Some booth specifications may be subject to change due to availability. Exhibitors will be notified via email regarding any changes)
2. Electricity. If additional outlets are required, exhibitors must supply a power strip. All extension cords should be the grounded 3-prong type and in good working order and condition. Please contact the HBAWC if you have special electrical requirements.
3. Booth Construction. Exhibits must be finished on both sides unless arrangements are made with the HBAWC for high sidewall curtains. Consideration should be given to neighboring Exhibitors while constructing exhibits. Exhibits should not exceed a side height of 8 feet unless prior arrangements are made.
4. Move in. Move in for Home Show 2024 will start on Friday, March 1st at 7am and end at 7pm.
5. Move out. All exhibits must be removed on Sunday, March 3rd between the hours of 4:00pm and 7:30pm. EXHIBITS MAY NOT BE DISMANTLED PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF THE HOME SHOW 2024 ON SUNDAY, March 3rd AT 4PM. Early dismantling and/or the removal of display material could result in the Exhibitor being refused participation in future HBAWC Home Shows.
6. Exhibit Activities/Sales. Exhibitors are encouraged to have activities in their booths, such as contests, handouts, prizes, drawings, demonstrations, etc. Canvassing is limited to the Exhibitor’s space. No selling and/or promotional materials will be permitted outside the booth space. No exhibit may be presented in the aisles. Exhibitors must collect and pay any appropriate taxes on products sold and shall hold the HBAWC harmless from any liability thereof. Sales are permitted and orders may be taken.
7. Food and Beverage Sampling. Any Exhibitor sampling or selling food or beverages must comply with local health department regulations and provide appropriate floor coverings.
8. Floor Covering. Exhibitors requiring carpet for their booths must obtain at their own expense. Any exhibitor displaying heavy objects such as block, stone or brick must cover the floor with rubber matting.
9. Trash Removal. Exhibitors are responsible for removing all boxes and trash from their exhibit space and placing them in the receptacles provided.
10. Booth Locations. The HBAWC will attempt to provide distance from direct competition, but cannot guarantee exclusivity of a product or that a similar product will not be exhibited in nearby or adjoining spaces.
11. Subletting Booth Space. Booth spaces may not be assigned, sublet, traded or apportioned, other than to those who manufacture or sell products sold by the Exhibitor.
12. Exposition Service. Ted’s Rent-It Center of Hagerstown, Maryland is the official exposition service of the Home Show. Please contact HBAWC for details.
13. Signs. THE HBAWC WILL NOT SUPPLY COMPANY SIGNS. Booths will be marked with numbers for identification purposes.
14. Booth Staffing. Booths should be staffed during all Show hours. Exhibitor shall, for all purposes, be solely responsible for all aspects of its exhibit, including the performance, actions and appearance of all personal staffing the exhibit. If in the HBAWC’s opinion any individual associated with Exhibitor is acting or attired in the manner which is offensive, inappropriate, or not in the best interest of the Show, the HBAWC or any other Exhibitor, then the Exhibitor shall immediately remove that individual from the Exhibition hall, and if it fails to do so then the HBAWC may remove the individual and the Exhibitor shall be liable for and indemnify and defend against all damages relating thereto.
15. Exhibitor parking. Exhibitors are required to park in the lots as designated by Show management. Those not in compliance are subject to ticketing by campus security.
16. Security. Security is provided during Show hours and two hours after closing each day. The ARCC is secured during non-show hours, however HCC, the Hawk’s Booster Club and HBAWC shall not be held responsible for damage or theft.
17. Insurance. Exhibitors must provide workers’ compensation, property insurance and general liability insurance and, on request, shall show proof of that insurance to the HBAWC.
18. American Disabilities Act. Exhibitors shall be responsible for making exhibits accessible to persons with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and shall hold the HBAWC harmless for any failure in this regard.
19. Limitation of Liability. HBAWC officers, directors, members, agents and employees, HCC and the Hawk’s Booster Club; and all of their heirs, representatives, successors and assigns; shall have no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss (including theft), damage or liability to Exhibitor or any related individual or part of visitors to its exhibit, or any property owned by any of them or in their possession, from any cause whatsoever, relating to or occurring at the Show. Exhibitor shall indemnify and defend the HBAWC and the other parties described above against all claims, lawsuits, expenses and judgments of any kind whatsoever relating to any injury, loss, damage or liability described above or directly or indirectly resulting from or relating to any actions, inactions or negligence of the Exhibitor or its related parties or visitors to its exhibit, directly or indirectly relating to the Show, this contract or otherwise. Certain services of the Show are provided by parties other than the HBAWC. The HBAWC has no liability whatsoever for those services which must be obtained from authorized sources. The Exhibitor shall comply with all regulations of the facility. If the exhibit hall is destroyed or damaged by any cause or if in the HBAWC’s discretion any other circumstance make it difficult, inadvisable or not in the best interest for the Show to be conducted or for Exhibitor to occupy its space, then at the HBAWC’s option, this Contract shall terminate. In such event, Exhibitor waives and releases all claims for damages in any way relating to such termination, except the HBAWC shall refund any amounts already paid for space rental.
20. Cancellation. Cancellations requested less than 7 days prior to Move In date will cause Exhibitor to be liable for the full amount of the exhibit space reserved.
21. Amendments. Except where stated otherwise, this agreement defines services and equipment provided for the show by the HBAWC. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify the HBAWC about any needs not addressed specifically in this agreement. The HBAWC is under no obligation to provide any services not listed in this agreement. HBAWC reserves the right to make the final interpretation of all rules governing the Show and the Exhibitor agrees to abide by the rulings.

All exhibitors must review and agree to the 2024 Home Show terms and conditions to complete application. Registration is not considered complete until paid in full. All early registration discount payments must be received by the close of early registration to secure discount pricing.

The Home Builders Association of Washington County (HBAWC) has been producing its annual Home Show for 32 years. Originally started as a vehicle to showcase the builder members of the Association, the Show has grown to feature any product or service related to the building industry and the home.

The Home Builders Association of Washington County offers a vast variety of benefits to all of their members within our community. These benefits promote individual business advocacy, education and networking opportunities to establish a stronger business community.

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