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Signs of Home

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In a nation where, perhaps now more than ever before,  our differences sharply divide us into categories, there is area in which Americans of all political stripes and persuasions can unite, the love of our homes. No matter who you are, what you believe,or where you came from, you need a “home base.” A place where you are accepted and loved unconditionally. A place where marks on the walls equal memories and art is proudly displayed on the refrigerator, where the basics of living are second nature and one can breathe. Our homes are more than a physical building, they are the hub of family life, a physical representation of memories made each and every day.

At HBAWC, we understand the value of the home. As much as it is the homeowner’s job to nurture the people living in it, our members take their role of caring for and maintaining all the physical aspects of your home very seriously. And let’s face it, while we may know how to soothe an anxious child, or how to encourage a loved one after a tough day, most of us can’t fathom the ins and outs of our HVAC systems or even know where to start when our roof is leaking or our deck is rotting away.

Because the home is such an integral part of life, we know that our members have much to offer in terms of maintaining, repairing and beautifying your living space when things go wrong or you are simply ready for an update. We believe that this is so important, that we are doing our best to make this information available to all.

This year, HBAWC is proud to partner with Deafnet, a non-profit that provides interpretation to the Deaf community, to make the 34th annual Home Show accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. As the mother of a profoundly Deaf child who uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate, I am painfully aware of how rare it is for an event such as the Home Show to be accessible to the Deaf community. With the help of Deafnet, Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees like my daughter will have interpreters available to interact with our exhibitors. They will be able to ask our experts the questions they need to make decisions about the care and maintenance of their homes.

I would like to thank Deafnet for partnering with us this year. I would like to invite the local Deaf and Hard of Hearing community to come on out to the Home Show. Your vibrant community is most welcome.  We may be very different in the way we communicate, but caring for the houses that are homes to our families is something we can all unite on. See you at the show!





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The Home Builders Association of Washington County (HBAWC) has been producing its annual Home Show for 32 years. Originally started as a vehicle to showcase the builder members of the Association, the Show has grown to feature any product or service related to the building industry and the home.

The Home Builders Association of Washington County offers a vast variety of benefits to all of their members within our community. These benefits promote individual business advocacy, education and networking opportunities to establish a stronger business community.

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